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Yes, meditation can “heal” ADHD

I asked a monk if with Buddhism a person could heal ADHD, and he told me that nothing is going to get healed by focusing on the healing because what’s being implied is that there’s a desire to be healed. What I could understand from his words is that people have to stop giving power to labels and start seeing things for what they are, for example, someone may say he’s clinically depressed, then he becomes clinically depressed… ok, but why? Because he’s making sure that he is clinically depressed, he’s constantly repeating it. This made me remember the law of attraction, something that I thought Buddhism didn’t have anything to do with it, but in the end, it seems to me that it does… Well, actually everything in this “3D” reality is a consequence of the law of attraction, this way Buddhism wouldn’t be an exception, what I referred to as “I didn’t think Buddhism had something to do…

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