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Understanding the Usage of “That” and “What” in Grammar

Effective communication relies on a solid understanding of grammar. One area that often confuses language learners is knowing when to use “that” and when to use “what.”, for example, Spanish and Portuguese speakers tend to be confused in a context like this. Here we will dive deep into the usage of these words, exploring their functions and providing examples. Let us sane once and for all the confusion between “that” and “what” understanding. “That” as a Demonstrative Pronoun “That” is a versatile word that serves as a demonstrative pronoun, pointing to a specific thing or person. It often introduces a relative clause that provides additional information about the noun it refers to. Consider the example sentence, “I bought a book that I’ve been wanting to read.” In this case, “that” introduces the relative clause that describes the book, specifying which book I purchased. Understanding how “that” functions as a demonstrative pronoun is crucial for constructing precise and descriptive sentences.

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Why the Bushido culture is destroying Japan from inside

This article is a social critique and response to the following video: Source: Why Japanese are the Most Unwilling to Help Others in the World – Let’s ask Shogo | Your Japanese friend in Kyoto Let’s begin If it wasn’t for the western influence in Japan, the country would be like China today, at its best it would be like Singapore, meaning that it would be a dictatorship. Even today, Japan’s very same Oda period’s collectivism is still prejudicing the country as a whole. To think in terms of group, or should I say, to think about the clan, like the middle age Irish did and what is proposed by the Bushido culture, is very important for increasing the chances of survival of a group, but people are still individuals, and individuals obviously have individual needs, something that’s not well seen by the Bushido culture. ANUNCIE…

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