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Resistor with a value much lower than the original value? Find out what it means.

Resistors are essential components in electronic circuits, responsible for controlling the flow of electric current. However, sometimes we may come across resistors that have a value much lower than expected. This phenomenon is known as a “shorted resistor” and can indicate a defect. In this article, we have explored what a shorted resistor means, its possible causes, and the consequences for the circuit. What is a shorted resistor? A shorted resistor occurs when the measured resistance is much lower than the specified nominal value. Instead of resisting the flow of electric current as expected, the resistor allows the current to flow practically unrestricted, resulting in a very low resistance value. Possible causes of a shorted resistor: Physical damage: If the resistor has suffered physical damage such as fractures, cracks, or improper contact, it can create a low-resistance path and cause an internal short circuit. ANUNCIE AQUI, ENTRE EM CONTATO…

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