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Server caching .htaccess file? Here’s how to solve it

I had a problem with the site’s htaccess file yesterday, what happened was that the 301 redirects were not working. Inside my htaccess file I have many 301 redirects that worked just fine for a long time, but yesterday I tried to add new entries and they didn’t work. When I checked it closely, I noticed that the server doesn’t seem to be using the version that I’m saving. It looks like the server is using another file, because I’ve already cleared my browser cache, I tried another browser, I’ve cleared my website cache and I’ve even restarted the server, still the same problem. I’m using a VPS with CentOS and DirectAdmin. This tutorial is for whoever is using this method to redirect the URLS:Redirect 301 /category1/post /category2/post I did that, but the server wasn’t loading the modified file. I didn’t have any caching plugin enabled, I also disabled all my site’s plugins, but still the very same problem.

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