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How to use RTGI (Ray Tracing) and SSAO in Yuzu and Cemu with Nvidia GeForce Experience filters (Nvidia Freestyle)?

I bet you want to play The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom with Ray Tracing, right? Oh, you sure do, that’s why you’re here. 🙂Wait, you’re not here because of Tears of The Kingdom? Then you’re here because of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. Not BOTW either? Well, it doesn’t matter, you’re here because you want to use Ray Tracing (RTGI) in the Yuzu emulator (and perhaps SSAO too). So… Although at the moment I still haven’t been able to get RTGI and SSAO working with Yuzu (with Cemu it does), I did manage to do something that nobody else did (at least from my own research I didn’t see anyone being to able to do this): to get Nvidia filters to work with Yuzu emulator, this means that other effects than RTGI and SSAO will work, thus there’s still hope. And speaking of hope, I’m still trying to get RTGI and SSAO working, I…

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DS4 Windows only Touch Pad works [Quick Fix]

Have you ever been in a situation where you tried to use DS4 windows, but only the touch pad worked with the game? You then went to Reddit and there was a lot of useless “solutions”, you even tried this documentation Controller not behaving correctly in-game, then you’ve got frustrated and gave up?No panic, the reason why you’re facing this is probably because you have x360ce emulator inside your game’s folder, just delete it or back it up to a new folder inside the game’s directory and your problem will be gone. Serioulsy, it’s just that. 😉…

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